Halo Reach wont load the right map. Please Help!!!!!!

So today I went to play on one of my maps and when I go and select it, the game picks a map that I deleted a while back instead of the map I wanted. So I thought it was a glitch so I went ahead and played it. But it was the wrong map. So I went back tried it again, same thing. Then I restart my Xbox and the same thing. So I then went to my up hard drive to make sure I still had it and it said I did. So what is happening and why can’t it load the map. Please may I have fast responses.


something similar happens to me, i have a map on forgeworld and everytime i try to play it the game switches the map to condemned…

idk of a way to fix it though, our files may be corrupted!

but your case seems a little simpler, are u sure you saved the game after forging the map??

I mostly hate the glitch where every file you have duplicates it self. But i have yet to get this problem.

The files are corrupted. Do you have a copy of it in recent files? That’s your best bet.

I’m not the one who made it, but when I go on Bungie and search it, it says it does not exist. And when I search for the person who made it it says his gamertag does not exist.