Halo: Reach weapon mode selection

I’m trying my hand at modding and need some advice or help.

I’ve seen before the old halo 3 alpha battle rifle’s neat little single fire mode, and in SPV3 and the OPENSAUCE versions of the evolved maps, there’s the ability to select fire while zoomed. for the life of me, I’ve been unable to find a way to do that or a tutorial doing something similar. What I’d like to know is if some sort of gesture/combo like you’d use to lower your weapons in some games, would be available, say Switch weapon + primary fire inputs.

I don’t want to create just select fire weapons, though that would be potentially really cool, I more want things that would alter a weapon’s behaviors. for example, say we have a Plasma rifle and want to add the plasma pistol’s overcharge as a backup mode. You press your little combo thing, or whatever gets figured out, and suddenly you have a semi automatic Plasma Rifle that can now launch the same overcharged tracking bolts. I’d like to keep the zoom function on weapons that have that, like if I added an alternate tracking or firing mode to the rocket launcher, I’d still want to keep it zoomable for utility’s sake.

if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction, I’d be thankful.

You will probably want to track down a Halo modding discord. These forums have historically been Xbox fans and any mention of modded content was against forum rules. Times have changed, but the one thing these forums don’t really offer is modding support. Maybe one day they will add a dedicated modding forum, but for now your best bet is probably to join a discord.

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Already in reclaimers, searching for more. It looks like this is either impossible or has to be scripted, and I barely know where to start. May have to shelve this idea for a while, possibly until the community figures this GR2 catastrophe out, and finds/makes some tool for building JSONs that isn’t by-hand.