Halo Reach vs Halo Infinite Vehicle Destruction Comparison

Title says it all. More comparison with vehicle destruction. This is to highlight areas where Infinite lacks or may very well excel than it’s precedessors. Let me know your thoughts


I was GOING to try to get Phantoms but…I wasnt going to spend time looking for that in the Campaign.

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ahahahaha wow that is a downgrade.
Perhaps they are using all those resources for something else…or this is possible on the newer system/pc while keeping the graphics/gameplay changes but not on the older weaker systems/cloud gaming?

It’s just fire effects and physics differences.

The only vehicle that bothers me is when you manage to blow up phantoms. They just disappear pretty much.

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And yet it’s so vastly inferior that it’s not even funny.

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That and how much they’re destroyed are mostly what destruction is about…
The vehicles in Halo Infinite look like they just pop apart.
In Halo: Reach, they look like they’re actually destroyed.

Yeah they likely didn’t have time to like… Make little bits for that. See here’s the thing right, the Phantom is basically one model. Far as I can tell, all the vehicles in Infinite get destroyed in a way that, if the model’s replaced? It’s hard to tell, because like, it seems like the core of the vehicle stays there and the rest pops off.

Buuuuuut… The Phantoms only actually have a few small moving parts. With how it works, you’d baaaasically just see it fall to the ground in nearly a single piece after exploding. Is it bad? Yeah, it’s definitely something alright. But it’s the one vehicle destruction I think actually looks bad. The rest, I don’t really care. I SUSPECT we’ll get proper Phantom debris eventually… Buuuuut… Well… The issue is with debris persistence, what damage it can do, how it can mess up pathing, etc.

I don’t really know what to expect with it tbh. With The Phantom it is super duper underwhelming but I kinda’ get it. Of course, my biggest phantom complaint comes down to, “Why do we NEVER see the rear door or lower gravity lift ever get used anymore!?”

Reminds me of the new nuke in CoD that people are pissed off about. Idk why it has become so common for AAA games to be far worse than games years or even decades old. People just accept it and pay anyway, so they keep getting away with it. At least it’s not Pokemon Sword and Shield or Cyberpunk 2077. So many companies release unfinished games.


Infinite Warfare

Massive difference in effort
The Phantoms in Infinite just flash the screen white and despawn. It’s pathetic how lazy it is.

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