Halo Reach Unlockable Waypoint Helmets

Hey guys n gals,I was wondering if I could get some help with this. I absolutely love Reach and I want is all the helmets I can get, it just annoys me seeing a locked helmet that should be mine,I’m talking about the CQB helmet. I want that bad boy so much. Before Waypoint changed it’s layout it told me that I needed to complete Reach on Heroic So I went and done it ALONE on LEGENDARY and got the achievements. I went back to Waypoint but unfortunately the layout changed so I couldn’t find the unlockables tab. Please who ever knows what to do help out.


Check out this video.

It should be in the same place, but I’m not 100% sure.

No it’s not…I remember it gave it to you for Waypoint awards on Reach and I’ve the A.C.E award…

my guess is that you probably don’t have the appropriate things unlocked yet. If I remember right the helmets unlocked automatically after you got the appropriate achievements loaded onto halo waypoint which is done automatically everytime you start up the app

Yes you can still get it. when you get on waypoint go to summary and look around for a bit until you find the option to review your halo reach records.
it may take a min to spot.
after you get into that look at “Unlockables” it will show you the whole list for those peices of armor so if you earned them press them and they should be available to you.

I look back at my reach records often actually the last time was a week ago so I know its still there.

but when I say it may take a minute to spot you might have to got the the waypoint main screen and start the summary view process again before you see the reach symbol on one of the tabs