Halo Reach TU - Vehicles Take Significantly Less Damage from Small Arms Fire

Halo Reach personally has become a game where it is too easy to take out a vehicle with small arms fire like a DMR, Pistol, Assault Rifle, etc. Case and point the DMR is the worst, it doesn’t take many shots to take out a vehicle, something that needs to be toned down. For one its a balance issue, on the other hand it breaks the mold of Halo. Halo is about a game of pick-ups and power-weapons. When you seen a hog in Halo 3, you knew you had to try to flip it with grenades or stick it and hopefully blow it up or grab a power weapon.

Now in Reach you dont even have a need to aim for the players inside the vehicle knowing that spamming shots from a weapon will kill it. It brings the fun out of the game for me personally. I’d either like to see the damage toned down significantly, or vehicles given a buff to health.

Thanks for reading.

I agree in everyway. Hopefully this is part of 343i’s plan in an upcoming Title update. This will bring back amazing vehicle gameplay that the other Halo’s have had.
Along with a tweaked DMR Bloom that eliminates Randomness, has a quicker reset, and enables a gigantic skill gap for players making individual skill shine with the correct use of the DMR. The DMR should not be able to destroy vehicles as quickly but a fixed DMR will make players have to shoot the driver/passenger and use actual tactics to destroy the vehicles like the above stated.

I’m going to have to say no to this one.

Agreed, the warthog used to be the main vehicle of Halo, but now it’s a sad joke. Really bad physics combined with the fact that a few shots of the DMR wrecks it :frowning:
Not to mention that The Sniper?! is the only functional anti-vehicle weapon on most maps, that’s messed up :confused:
Bring back rockets, spartan laser, grenades and plasma pistols that actually worked and didn’t leave the team to get ruined if someone “lost” the sniper :confused: