Halo Reach True Skill

This is somewhat related to Halo 3 and probably has been discussed lightly before, so I’m going to post it here anyways.

Okay so by now, most of you realized that Halo Reach is terrible (not as good as Halo 3, putting it nicely). So even though I know this is probably impossible and won’t happen anyways, but let me ask you a question first. How do you make Halo:Reach interesting again? I’ll tell you. Add a visible True Skill 1-50 rating system to a select number of playlists.

Inb4 “Oh no! That will promote boosting, and hackers, ect.” I mean…who cares right? Halo 3 is still better than Reach regardless. The 1-50 system gives me something to play for (skill achievement), as apposed to a rank EXP based system, which would only prove that you have too much spare time in your hands. If I were to have an Inheritor, people would probably laugh at me and say I have no life.

Halo 4 is coming out soon, 343 has nothing to lose when adding a visible 1-50 system to a few playlists on Reach in the meanwhile. Not even necessarily adding the number to you main profile, but just keeping it only visible when you select said playlist. I’m willing to bet anything that Reach population would increase by at least 10%(maybe even as high as 25%). I understand the True Skill is still there and hidden, but that’s not helpful.

All I’m asking is to at least TRY to implement some sort of Visible skill system. K/D doesn’t cut it, and Arena is a joke.

Thank you in return 343 for considering it.

343 should take a que from the Covenant and glass Reach

> 343 should take a que from the Covenant and glass Reach

Got a good laugh out of this.

Halo 3 had the best ranking system out of all the Halo’s IMO. Halo 2 was good but the thing that makes Halo 3 better is that casual players can also rank up. You have a playlists for competitive players and you have playlists for casual players. I hope Halo 4 has a decent ranking system.