Halo: Reach Swat

Does anyone love to play swat?

That feeling in your stomach that your going to be killed at any moment in time!
That epic moment you get an extermination!!
(Your celebrating on the team’s bodys)
You suddenly get shot in the head!

How you fly from the highest place in the map and get a showstopper.

If you do please send me a message and Ill invite you!

CG God Of Chaos ~ Chaos Gaming Clan Leader

I love to play SWAT, both in Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

Feel free to recruit other SWAT players in the “Recruiting” section :slight_smile:

Nice only game mode i play now days tbh.

Btw I’m Co-Leader of Trap Clan add me and let’s play/

I really don’t like how quick it is to be killed…
Lag makes a real difference in how quickly you kill or be killed. And honestly, it is WAY too easy to get headshots off with the DMR.
Swat magnums feels more balanced. It isn’t as easy to get off headshots with the magnum as is the DMR because of the ridiculous bloom of the magnum, but of course all anyone wants to play is regular SWAT.