Halo Reach style firefight

It would be so awesome if they had a firefight mode like Reach’s.
Specifically with the ability to play solo, vehicles in the map and also Firefight voices.
They could have Buck, Blue Team, Exuberant Witness voices. And could even bring back Johnson as a firefight voice.

We’ll see if they’re going to do it or not.

It will need drones, shielded drones, and engineers as enemies along with the ability to make players weaker to make it harder. Some settings that make the base player weak like in ODST and maybe increasing harder rounds. Flood firefight like the Halo CE mod or forge-able firefight so players can make interesting combat scenarios. Though the latter needs some advance auto pathing (like Divinity Original Sin 2 or DOOM 2016) or the ability for players to place AI pathing.

Personally, I’d like to see a version of Firefight tweaked to incentivise co-op play.

Firefight in Reach was great and seemed to hit that sweet spot - if you didn’t work together you were in trouble on the higher levels.

I enjoy Warzone firefight and love the idea of 8-way co-op - but I’d enjoy it a lot more if it was 8 people actually working together, rather than all trying to get the highest score. Firefight seems to have gradually ramped up the competition side to a point where it feels like its discouraging people from working together.

I enjoy co-op as it adds so much more depth, immersion and interaction. A few tweaks like toning down the prominence of individual score, giving bigger bonuses for reviving people and achieving objectives and having objectives that you need to work together on could work.