Halo: Reach Servers Down?

I just got out of a game of Grifball, and after the game ended everyone in the post game lobby was returned to the rank of recruit, default spartans, no emblems, etc.

What’s wrong with the server and when will it be back up? At the moment I’m not able to search in matchmaking.

Me neither. Usually it doesn’t last long (10-15 min). Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Finished a game of invasion then happened /sigh

Can’t play H3 either. Perhaps they finally closed older Halo games, so people have to play H4 og leave. Will try H2 PC in a moment :smiley:

That would be horrible… All I play/enjoy is Grifball, and I really don’t like it in Halo 4 at all…

Same here i just got on Reach and the server’s are down.I’d imagine they might be doing maintenance on the server’s and fixing the population counter its been stuck on the same number for week’s now kinda of annoying to me.I’m just forging while it’s down at the meantime.

Also i don’t think they would cut off all the server’s from Halo 3 and Reach yet.343I hasn’t said anything about it.So don’t worry.

I would be really disappointed on 343 industries if they have closed the Halo reach and Halo 3 server without announcing it before hand to the players of Halo reach and Halo 3 and ask their opinion about this matter. I really hope it’s just a problem with the servers or just a maintenance for now and they’ll be up and running soon.

Probably just maintenance. It went down a few weeks ago; although this is a bit long of a maintenance.

Servers are back up in Reach now. They may have removed the counter altogether though. I guess we’ll have to give it a couple hours to see if it goes back online (not that the counter <i>really</i> matters.

Just started working as I was typing this. :slight_smile:
Of course all the playlists are empty now though.

Great the server is up and running again… with like no player to play with.

Thanks for updating the thread guys! Now I can get off this horrid game they call Halo 4 lol.

It’s up and running for me now to and you’re welcome,thanks for posting the thread.

Simply ridiculous to close a game’s servers down that still have about 20k people playing on it. We got a ways to go before Reach meets its end.

For some reason the past few days it has been taking a lot longer to find a Team Slayer game then it used to.
That and when I attempted to load up my service record for view today, the system took a while to download it.
Thankfully 343 fixed the player counter recently, however…

I wonder if the population counter going all weird is connected to this is any way…

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I think they should bring back Bungie and get rid of 343


You want Bungie back? You know Halo would be much worse right? They don’t care about Halo and they are making Destiny