Halo Reach Servers Down- Is a fix coming?

Halo Reach is known for its customizable gameplay. Since June 22nd, Reach servers have been down.

What this does for players-
-Forces all players to play as Male Spartans (Or Minor in Elite Slayer / Invasion)
-Forces all players to appear at the “Recruit” rank
-Forces all players to wear the 7th Column emblem in black, with steel steel armor and no service tags
-Forces all Matchmaking lobbies to appear as 0 players
-And more.

My question is if this will ever be fixed? 343i needs to pay attention to all of their games, not just the new ones. Because Halo Reach is possibly one of the best Halo games out of them all, it would be unwise to ignore the fans.

Any announcement letting Halo Reach players know that the servers are being worked on would be spectacular.

Many thanks,

Reach has 10k players online each day and Halo 5 has estimated less than 50k it would be not only terrible fan treatment but a bad business and reputation decision to not fix Reach I am not a huge 343 fan but they wouldn’t be that stupid.