Halo Reach Servers are Down... Again

Seriously, what is up with this? It is now IMPOSSIBLE to do machinima without worrying about the servers going down. At first this would happen once a month, but now it is happening two times a week. This is getting really irritating for not just me only, but everyone else in the machinima community.

Working absolutely fine for me.

why are the servers down 4 me but my friends can play with no problem

Sounds like personal problem. They’re up on my end.

It seems like it could be a problem with your own connection, but I have actually recently been experiencing a few more drop outs than usual as well. Most of the time though for me it has just been in matchmaking, and custom games have been pretty much fine.

no my connection is fine i can play all my other games just fine online plus i have highspeed internet so my internet is fine i tried everything i even call micorsoft and they tried to help me as much as they could its bungie problem and its really -Yoink!- me off

this is getting very scary because halo reach is my favorite halo game of all time.

You’re freaking out for no reason. It’s not going anywhere.