Halo reach server unavailable?

for some unknown reason, halo reach has been acting up on me for the last few weeks as it says that I can’t connect to the server. As I said, it has been doing this for the last two or three weeks. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me gain my ability to play online again.
thanks for your time.

Reboot your Modem / Router and see If that helps. Because I can still find matches in Halo 3 or Halo: Reach with no problems.

I also have been having this problem. unable to play online for last 4 days due to “Halo reach server unavailable at this time” while I can see friends playing with out problem.

I tried resetting it but it doesn’t seem to work

I’ve got the same problem. Halo Reach servers unavailable at this time. I haven’t been able to play this damn game in weeks and I just got the Halo CEA maps.

I’ve got the same problem! 343 do something about this issue because it seems to be a growing problem and this never happened when Bungie ran the servers!

I’m a loyal Halo fan and i can’t play halo online! :frowning:

Would really appreciate at least some acknowledgement from 343i. Any day now.

they are working with a New Zealand ISP to help them fix it, i assume everyone with this problem is in New Zealand?

I have never seen 343 every respond to a post and tell us whats going on I have had this problem before.

Thankyou, Im in the same boat, only if there is not a solution posted soon i will forced to move onto other games that do work, ie MW3 and BF3. Im also loyal to Halo and have been for a long time but since Halo C.E. there seems to always be the same problem, i have tried trouble shooting this by restarting everything and it is not a valid solution in this instance.

It’s not just New Zealand, I’m in the US. The issue has been around for awhile, still no word from 343.

hey guys,
my accounts is once again up and running.
call your internet provider and ask them about a static IP adress. My brother did this and now we have a static IP adress and my account works. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

If that’s the only solution, it’s a poor one. Might be a workaround but the problem is still there, and 343 needs to fix it.

ok it may be a bit hard to make the servers recognize the 101 addys but not that hard i guess and hopefully they do and then put a patch out fixing it for the rest of us


This video might help…it actually worked for me so I decided to share it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=232IEpURDqM&feature=plcp&context=C447ee48VDvjVQa1PpcFOVmbAAgLUI6mB5gpdJEO2jWb_qa8qI1DI%3D :slight_smile:

I GOT THE SOLUTION! your cable is loose is pos 1. push it in hard.
pos 2. try reseting router AND the box that the plugs go in. is you have link sys look to see if ether net and internet is flashing. if so do both steps and any other ideas you can think of. i am in NY and it still happend but these worked and i was able to play non-stop

Been there, just reset ur router/modem. It tends to happen b4 noon, so if ur playin finish the match fast cuz ur gonna lose cRs. it also will not record on ur game history.

roaming IP is bad, make it static or reset your stuff and have a better knowledge of your set ups…dam noobs

I’ve got the same problem for Reach except it’s only affecting my fileshare, I can see other’s fileshares and service records as well as my own service record and gameplay is no issue at all, it’s just my fileshare, it’s such a big downfall for me as I like getting photos and collaborating with friends and then displaying photos, i can no longer do that though due to the problem :frowning:

343I please can you sort this out, also if anyone here can help me out it’d be pretty good, note I am in England so…

thanks for reading.

P.S it has not affected my Halo 4 fileshare, only reach.