Halo Reach server is down?

I noticed the Halo Reach server is down as of today, November 22nd, 2021. No matter which playlist you select, you get the flashing “Information could not be retrieved from Xbox LIVE.”, preventing you from playing any multiplayer or co-op playlists.

I assume everyone else is experiencing this as well? Are there any known workarounds, or is this strictly a 343 issue that they need to fix on their end?

I am having the same issue with the same message. I am using a ethernet connection on a stable network. I have attempted to access matchmaking on an Xbox 360 and also using the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility to no avail. I have played Reach matchmaking successfully before the current outage. I have all of the additional map packs installed as well.

Furthermore, I have spoken to other players who have informed me of encountering the same issue. With the Halo Reach, among others, servers being down that cuts even more time out of the limited time before the servers go offline January 13th.

I have been able to play Halo 4 (both on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One backwards compatibility) while Reach has been down. The issue appears limited to Reach, for now.

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Agreed. I also pinged them on the usual Twitter channels as well. No response…

Halo Reach servers appear back online (as of 11/23/2021). Hopefully they remain so.

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Can confirm! They’re back up.