Halo: Reach Screenshot Tips

I’ve always been interested in Halo Screenshots. I love some of the amazing effects people come up with and some of the art is so amazing that if I had created one, I’d be over to HaloScreenshots.com and buying them for my living room. Sadly, I have yet to create a piece of work that has put me in awe. I was hoping that maybe as I go from forum to forum I’d gain more knowledge and how-to of the “Art of Halo Screenshots”. And since we are in a new era of Halo, here is my question:

Can anyone here provide information and advice/tips on taking screenshots in Reach? Techniques for creating beautiful effects, places to take photos, dos and don’ts?

Hopefully the advice from others will not just benefit me, but those who share the same ambition to be good at this form of personal creativity :slight_smile:


I don’t do set-up shots like you would in Forge or a Custom game, but those are made with in-game filters from forge and grenades and other various explosions. Using the drop shield and other various AA in these type can add a cool effect as well. Another BIG tip for getting some of the custom game type shots is to do a file search on bungie.net for a forged map that is set up for shots. I don’t know where to begin there though.

File Share Screenshot:
For just regular screenshots that I actually save from my panoramas, I usually have at least one that is the main interest. When I find that one shot, I try to find the most interesting angle for it then I look around the around area to see what the panorama would have in it.
If I am looking for a single screenshot, I will find it and try to make the angle a little extreme for effect. Here’s some Halo 3 shots from when my GT was YouZarquonFrood (anyone know the reference?) and as this GT.
2 birds, 1 stone
Granted, the pictures aren’t epic, but I am not looking for that.

Halo: Reach + Panoramas:
One of the best ways I go into the theater to look for shots is by having the mindset of movies. I try to frame what is being seen like it is something you would see in a movie still (dramatic effect). It may be a very wide or tall, but that’s how I first begin with that frame of mind.
Having a widescreen TV helps as well because you can capture a bit more with each screenshot.
Assassination on Pinnacle
Those shots inspired the panoramas that came from them.

Watch some over the top flicks (Crank, Transporter, Shoot 'em Up). Epic stuff also (We Were Soldiers, LoTR, Top Gun). These movies help inspire the angles and such.