Halo Reach Screenshot taking list wish.

Please contribute

So far I have:

-More visual filters for maps (eg. pen and ink)
-Option of allowing explosions to not “disappear” when you get close enough to them in theater mode

  • Possibly weapons that create effects that could be used for screenshots (creating purple explosions, confetti, darkness, whatever)
  • Ability to create rain, snow, sleet, whatnot for maps
  • Being able to spawn flags, skulls, and whatnot in forge (regardless of gametype)
  • Ability to wear a skin that makes you appear as a character from the campaign during forge (brute, grunt, whatever_
  • A theater rewind button, I don’t mean ten seconds, I mean something where I can go back a frame

All for now, please add any thoughts. Thanks


…Did you mean Halo 4?