Halo Reach remaster?

Do you think Reach should be remastered? I think they should, atleast the single player, never liked the mp that much. I would love to play it at 1080p 60fps or even 4k on Scorpio. Original game had terrible aliasing, frame rate and motion blur but otherwise good graphics. These could all be improved with new hardware.

I do hope that Reach gets the same treatment as Halo Wars with a “Definitive Edition” since It’s now the only Halo game not running at 60 fps 1080p. A full blown remaster isn’t necessary (Reach still looks gorgeous) and incredibly unlikely considering the fact Halo 3 probably wont even be getting one.

As much as I loved the Reach campaign, I really don’t want a remaster. I want new stories and characters.

If it does happen I would want it to be MCC dlc

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> If it does happen I would want it to be MCC dlc

I agree, I’d rather just download it then start up MCC and be able to start it from that.