Halo: Reach Random Disconnection

After getting bored of just playing Anniversary maps since November, I put in my Reach disc for once. When I got to the main menu and hit matchmaking, it said “You must be connected to Xbox LIVE”. I checked on my computer, and my network was still up. I tested the connection, it said I was fine, and I got a notification about how many friends were online. I went back to Reach and it said I wasn’t connected. I then thought it was disc and thought “Oh well, looks like I’ll have to play Team Sniper on Roughneck now, just like the last four bloody months”. Then on Anniversary’s menu it said “You must be connected to Xbox LIVE”. What really puzzles me is, no matter how much Halo denies my connection, I always go to the Dashboard and then it says I am connected. Can anyone help me?!

Hmm I’ve never heard about your issue before, maybe contacting your service provider and getting a diagnosis or having them come in to look at it?