Halo: Reach Rage!

Hey guys, for those of you that have strong feeling about Halo: Reach, I’d like to have this be a topic talking about the reasons Halo: Reach got ruined. One of the reasons I’d like to bring up is Armor Lock.

Please, be kind, and rage on…

Umm this is a forum for discussing canon, the novels and so forth.

Still Halo… >.>

While I can appreciate that you didn’t enjoy Reach, yet another thread dedicated to “why Reach got ruined” is really not necessary. It’s been two years since the game’s launch. “Raging” about things that are NOT going to change at this point such as armor lock, bloom, etc is really pointless. I suggest you focus your energy into some of the other discussions around the forums instead of dwelling on the negatives of the game that you can put away on the shelf soon.