Halo reach progress,

So, my halo reach stuff, I was colnel grade 3 with 170,000 credits. And I was an offline spartan.

I log into the halo waypoint.

Next thing I know, I launch halo reach, my level changes to warrant officer. with 5,000 credits. And i’m an online spartan with no gold account to level:(

If anyone can help it would be very nice:)


That’s not a bug. That’s an intentional feature to keep people from boosting offline where you get loads of credits and then bringing all that online.

Unfortunately, once you bring your Spartan online you revert and have to work for it all again just like everyone else online did. Sorry for the bad news.

So there’s no way to fix it?

No because nothing is broken. It’s an intended feature.

Alright, thanks for the help!

Just remember, a lot of time the journey is better than the destination.

Play lots of FF and do lots of Waypoint challenges and you’ll be past your old rank in no time.
Good luck.


“…the journey is better than the destination.”

Agreed. And we all hope the Great Journey equals Destiny