Halo reach progress glitching out

So my saved spartan on halo reach loses his armor and rank but when I click Menu to see my spartan its there. when I reset it, it comes back. But glitches out. I have not been AFK in firefight or cheated in anyway. I have been doing challenges to get credits quick af though lol, so I don’t think its a ban or something. But my character wont show his armor I got or anything. its just the default noble 6. but sometime’s it shows my armor I bought with credits. This has happened before but I didn’t think much of it and it was a year ago. Anyone know if its a glitch or a bug and know how to fix? THX

I think it is a glitch too because the servers went down and that is when it started happening. So I guess we just have to wait. If you have an offline account it should work but other than that we are out of luck.

I’m getting the same problem. I have been playing reach for so long and I have encountered many of the black armor default glitch. Anyways whenever I get this glitch on my character, it doesn’t last long… except for this time. Today, dec 2nd and all of halo reach online mode is infected with this black armor plague. If I go online to play matchmaking, everyone has this black armor. Also, challenges don’t work for me too and you can only get 1000 credits a game because the game thinks you’re offline. 343 has been trying to fix this but, its been all day and nothing is fixed yet.