Halo Reach profile error

I discovered a problem two days ago in the game Halo Reach that when you start up the game and comes to the game main menu your profile looks like your spartan is wearing the standard Default armour, your profile/spartan has also the standard emblem and colours like when you just started playing the game and when it is network problems.
I have come across this before but it was different and it was because Xbox live or my WiFi connection didn’t work.
It would as always be sorted out and the problem was gone but now it has returned in a different way and it affects also:
•Daily missions
•How also other people’s spartans and profile looks.
•Game points you get after completing a game type.

I have tried many things like restarting the game and logging in and out.
The funny thing is that everything is like you had customised it in the customisation menu but the information doesn’t get carried over to the rest of the game end it looks like I described before in this text.

Does this happens to you or others who plays Halo Reach?
(Please comment below)

We already have an active thread for this.

Yes that happens to me :frowning: