Halo Reach Prequel

Following the story of each member of noble team and how they got to where they are, despite splitting off into some solid solo focused missions, the game could also have missions with the early team together. Follows their history, looks into early conflicts with the covenant between the harvest event and the fall of reach. I really think the characters on Reach have a great history that could exponentially add to the Halo universe. For example Jorge and his storyline could take a look at Dr.Halsey as well. Also seeing some history of Noble six in a dlc campaign would be great because he was clearly involved in multiple classified operations as indicated by his involvement in the Sabre program. Im curious for other peoples opinion on this. Personally I would love to see it.

That would be pretty nice to have, but, alas the universe direction has shifted from human-covenant war to the reclamation of the “mantle”. It is kinda a bummer but the focus is off of S-II and S-III and onto S-IV and the galaxy after the war. So I don’t think we’ll get that dreamboat, but it would be cool to have a regular Marine story and their view of the current events without being a super soldier and how dark and gritty that would be.

I’d love to see Harvest, it could make a nice game as a successor to Halo 3: ODST. Instead of playing as an ODST you would play as a Spartan-I or ORION Project with Sergeant Johnson in first contact.