Halo Reach PC freezes when connecting to a match

When trying to join any type of multiplayer playlist or any firefight playlist as I am connecting to players or about to join a match my game will freeze and I’m forced to tab out and close the app in task manager.

In 2 hours of this I found 2 games that loaded properly but when the match was over it froze again.

Please help!

<p>works now had to turn on relays/p>

Please see the pinned thread regarding Halo Support and how to submit tickets for issues you may be experiencing.


I got the same problem, turning off/on relays didnt do anything

I’m experiencing the same problem too i wonder why?

I have the same problem as well. I can connect to and play firefight and campaign. When I search for any social or competitive game it freezes up and won’t let we back out. I’m on PC with a Alienware R7 that has proven to be able to run the game.

Hi guys! This post is old, but i had the same issues. I want to give you my solution, maybe could help anyone. I go on my network adapter settings and i checked “enable other people to Connect to my network” (go to proprieties) with in-game relays on. hope will help someone! Now i’m trying to do invasion with relays off, i hope i help anyone