Halo: Reach PC Co-Op Lag

Do we know if/when 343 is going to figure out a better way to do Co-op? I want to do LASO runs with some friends but currently with client lag on everyone but the host I find it a massive handicap for wanting to do campaign with friends. It’d be nice to know that they’re aware and working on a fix but I haven’t seen anything.

Per Waypoint’s list of known issues: “Co-op campaign play uses P2P networking and we’re aware that some players are reporting high latency and a poor experience when playing Campaign together. This is an area the team will continue to monitor but given the complexities of P2P networking and the underlying net code of Reach, the extent to which this issue can be addressed is still TBD.”

I’m not terribly optimistic.

That’s very sad to hear. If P2P is a difficult option couldn’t they push it to be server hosted instead?

I think it’s always been like that. Anytime I had a game with friends I would have the same button lag in campaign and firefight. It however is not in Forge world or other custom games.