Halo Reach PC Cant join any matches

Every time that I’ve tried, it’ll match me up with a full list of players, put me in the loading screen for the match and then kick me out with the message “your connection to the game session was interrupted.”
I’ve been trying for hours and have only been able to play two games of slayer. Has this happened to anyone else and did you fix it? I have tried turning relays on and off and nothing happened for either.

Me too. I can’t join any match. I hope they have time to fix this.

Have you guys been able to figure this out? I have the exact same issue. I was able to play on the 3rd when it first came out with no issues but now every single match I try to play I get kicked with this error.

Any solution?:frowning:

I opened a ticket right away but haven’t heard anything back. I think it may be a network thing, I’ve tried on 2 different PC’s and get the exact same issue. Some days it will let me play matches fine. Others I cant connect to anything. I get matched up, then when map loading comes around it stalls out.

I finally fixed it. It was a network issue. i opened up the ports on my router and everything worked.