Halo Reach, or Halo 4?

I prefer Reach, cause it DOES take more skill, Halo 4 is MADE for a younger audience. A less skill developed generation of Halo gamers

I could play both to be honest. Its really depending on who wants to play what in my group. We go back and forth between the two all the time. Can’t get enough of that Invasion though, hehe.

Reach will outlast Halo 4 more than likely, it kinda already has. I personally enjoy reach better, It was an example good change to the franchise, where as 4 and guardians showed examples of bad change to be honest. I don’t mind fooling around in 4 once in a while, but reach is go to for me hands down.



Even though Halo 4 has provided me a nice slayer experience, Halo Reach is more competitive, the population is still decent for a game of this tenure and it’s shown more promise than any other Halo game to date. More armor effects, awesome cosmetics, armor customization, upgraded Forge, nifty item designs. It’s the whole package!

Honestly because of the clan community on reach i can say that they are the reason im still playing halo…
so id say reach

halo reach

ive played both and ive beaten both and ive played multiplayer on both to me there pretty much the same with the exception of the lag on 4 its horrendous

Reach. End of story