Halo reach or halo 3



Ooooooo so close…Reach by just a whisker.

halo 3 for the campaign, reach for the multilayer so overall reach, hey but I’m not going to turn down both. likely I will alternate.

In my opinion Halo 3. Halo 3 had the better art direction in my opinion, and I prefer the refined gameplay Halo 3 had to offer more, but that’s just me.

Both had equally good campaigns, but multiplayer wise I prefer Halo 3

I liked both of their campaigns and also multiplayer wise I loved both. They are slightly different. Halo 3 plays a bit slower, but it has it’s moments too. In Reach, players can be a bit more unpredictable with their loadouts and I feel like it played faster. Honestly, maybe I am just too big of a fan, that’s why I can’t say which is better, because I love all of them. Even when Reach came out, I was still playing Halo 3.