halo reach online permantly banned help

hi halowaypoint
i found out why i got banned permantly from halo reach online the thing is that my friend modded my services tag without me knowing so when i launched the halo reach game
and selected my storage device it said that this xbox 360 console has been banned permantly from halo reach online and this account has been banned permantly from halo
reach online.so i was wondering if you can help me with this also this games means alot to me and i worked on this alot it took me 4 years on that account and i just got to general so if you can help it would mean alot to me.
Thank you Gamertag:singingcurrry

Sorry OP but modding is taken very seriously by Xbox Live, it violates the LIVE Code of Conduct. There is no way to 100% verify that your friend was the one that modded your account, as such XBL will ban any account it finds with modded content, there is no way to reverse this.

Your friend got you banned form the game, I would speak to them about it.