Halo Reach: Online Armory

I thought it would be nice to see all the armory items that one has purchased from the Halo: Reach in game armory online in our Halo waypoint stats page. Have a picture of each armory piece, purchase date, requirements for purchase and a description of that armor piece.

I keep seeing threads in the Bungie Reach forum asking: I have X amount of credits what should I buy? It would be nice to see what that person has already purchased before I offer advice on what to buy next.

I thought this would be a nice addition to the site since Halo waypoint is the future of the Halo community.

This idea has some support already. Link to the original topic on the bungie.net forums:

Seems useful. It’ll be easier to track down people who have the necessary armor for specific role in Machinima’s too!

rofl, I probably made most of those threads you talked about.

I had a different idea on where you could use the Armory online, but this sounds better.