halo reach old halo 3 maps

i think 343 should make remake halo 3 maps and put them on reach i would like to forge again in sandbox from halo 3 the should give us remakes of good halo 3 maps

I agree that 343 should re-make the maps from Halo 3. Maybe they can include them when Halo anniversary comes out or make their next map pack be all the popular maps from Halo 1-3. So figure 3-4 maps each, and the map pack costing like 20-25.00 I don’t know, just an idea.

Sure they could just give us all the maps from those 3 games, but individually like HALO 1 map pack and give us all those maps for 15-20.00. Halo 3 would have the most maps because of all the DLC’s that came out for it. And if they re-make them they better not have it looking like all the other forged levels. Just do what you did for HALO Anniversary 343, just make it look more pretty by sharpening the graphics, do not change anything else.

I am tired of seeing blue and gray on everything so hopefully they change it up.