Halo Reach ODST clan

Hello waypoint users,
I am helping out on recruiting for a clan I am part of. The clan is called TKG, and no I have no idea what it stands for lol.
This clan runs on multiple games and well, I am recruiting for Reach haha.
I am leader of their “ODST” branch. And yeah, you guessed it. Its based of those crazy Hell Jumpers haha. The branch and only reach branch is military style, but laid back. Since I am lead of this branch. I will be excepting anyone of any skill. Over all we will be playing Matchmaking and custom games. Clan battles when the time presents its self and what ever else there is to do lol. And maybe if the connection is good enough, we can mess around on lone wolf too haha see how long we can survive.
Anyway if you’re interested send me a message on xbox about joining TKG’s ODST’s. Do not just send me a friend request. send a message.

Thanks and good day!

One thread per clan/group please. Please use your original recruitment thread, thanks.