halo reach new playlist

i know not everyone agrees with me but im kinda upset that 343 took out firefight doubles and action sack. i really liked halo ball, hockey, dino blasters, stuff like that. they were really nice for when you wanted to take a break or not be very competitive. and firefight doubles is nice because u get as many enemies as in firefight but u get alot more kills.

I agree with the firefight double, I loved it, especially for the firefight challenges. I didn’t play Action Sack that much, but, sometimes it was just fun to be silly.

I agree. I hate the update also.

It was necessary, but I get your displeasure. The other playlists are usually really fun, though.

Oh, and welcome to Waypoint!

Im sure that they appreciate your concern, but things were changed to help populate other gametypes after Halo 4s launch.

Note: There is a thread about the matchmaking changes that im sure this will be locked and redirected to.

I am in agreement, I want firefight doubles back. I understand the need to thin out the range of gametypes, there were some that never seemed to have many people on them, and I’m sure it will get much slower once Halo 4 comes out. They are probably also shifting things to free up server resources in preparation for that. However, firefight doubles was usually fairly busy, and was definitely the way to go to complete daily challenges. The other thing with doubles is that, even if the lobby is not super busy, all you need to match up are two available players. The server does not have to spend a lot of time trying to track and combine different groups to try to come up with combinations of up to 16 players to start a match. With doubles, as long as you have two waiting players you have a game. There should never be excessive waiting times, no matter how slow the lobby is.

On a personal gameplay preference, 4 player firefight is annoying the crap out of me now as well. In the past, I would use doubles, and would concentrate on particular weapon sets or tactics to try to complete daily challenges or to rank up certain commendations. On doubles there was always plenty of enemies, enough room that the two players could each do their thing without getting in each others’ way, and the low number of players made surviving and succeeding with whatever your goal is or reaching the bonus round a fun challenge. On 4 player now, I usually get stuck in a group with 3 other idiots who don’t do anything except spam the hell out of rockets and FRG’s (this is all in regards to Arcade gametypes, which is what I prefer to play). The excessive amount of explosive weapons being used usually makes the game jumpy and laggy, making it nearly impossible to focus on something like getting headshots. There is also no real challenge to the game anymore with that many players unloading rockets at everything that moves. I prefer a game that requires a little more strategy and technique. Only having 4 player firefight is making it a lot more difficult to complete daily challenges, and a lot less fun while doing it.

Anyway, that’s my rant. I actually just came on this board looking for a way to contact 343 to voice my complaints about this. If anyone knows if they have a comment/suggestion line, or if there is a particular section of the forum they watch, please let me know. Thanks.