Halo:Reach needs more CARROTS!!

This weekends jackpot is in The Arena as many of you know. This playlist went from population of 1500ish to around 7,000 in a matter of minutes. This tells me that people like to get rewarded for playing. I play for fun but I also like to get rewarded along the way. One of my issues with Halo:Reach is that I believe the Commendation/Challenge/rank system kinda fell flat. Once you get your commendation to a certain level it takes forever to get to the next. In other words you kinda forget it is even there. I believe this is one of the reasons COD does so well you get rewarded for everything even if you aren’t BOSS for example you can see how many kills you can get with the Famas or how many you can get with a certain Perk applied. Let’s face it there are very few that are ultra super great. The vast majority of people either don’t have the inclination to get better or the talent. I am one of those people but I love playing Halo and getting medals and commendations etc. My hope is for a revamped commendation system. I am not saying this is all that could be improved but just a little area in my mind that could. Thanks for reading. Thoughts?

Well I don’t forget it is there. I have an app on my phone that allows me to look up my progress everyday. Yes there are certain commendations where it seems like it will take me an eon to get the next medal. It’s all a process. Why would you want incentives that don’t take very long to get?

I will admit I have not seriously played Arena until today. It has been one of those playlists that I just kept telling myself I would do and didn’t get around to it. The jackpot this weekend has given me a good excuse to start seriously playing it, and this is just not for today but for the season. IMO there is so much to do in Reach: competitive, cooperative, campaign, forge, firefight. I am interested in a well rounded experience, and I for one am happy to go along get commendations and medals when I can, and just have fun with it.

Don’t get me wrong though, I would like it if they varied the daily challenges a bit more.

Well, I don’t mind certain commendations taking awhile to fully max out. I just think they could have had more milestones along the way. I feel what we have now is a great start but there is so much more they could do with it in the future. The challenge system now is getting very stale IMO. I absolutely LOVE the idea it just needs to go deeper.

Now that I do agree with. I guess all we can do is hope, and see what 343 has in store for us.

Yeah I am not saying I hate the commendation/challenge system. I am just saying Thank You more please. I really do think a lot of the COD appeal comes from that aspect of the game.

Yes i believe more stuff could of been implemented!

For example: To Unlock CQB(close quarter combat) armour you had to get certain kills with the sword/shotgun and you would unlick it. Not just by ranks because after you pass mythic theres nothing to do for the armour anymore.