Halo Reach Nameplates Halo Waypoint

Hi guys

Where on Halo Waypoint can I change my Reach nameplate ? I knew where to do it on Bungie but cant find where to do it on here.


You can’t.

what really ? that’s well disappointing

> what really ? that’s well disappointing

Different ISP with Microsoft and Bungie. Its been explained hundreds of times on the forums.

The most noticeable changes will include those features seen exclusively on Bungie.net, such as rendered films, nameplates, and Halo: Reach API keys. Those features are not included in the transition, and we do not have plans to develop similar features at this time.
343’s focus for the near future is ensuring that the Halo: Reach experience is the best it can be, both in-game and on the web, expanding our Halo Waypoint services, and making Halo 4, which you can expect to hear more about in the not-so-distant future. We’re excited about continuing to evolve the Halo franchise, and we thank you for joining us on this ride.
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