Halo Reach multiplayer - what needs to change

Hey guys, I just really wanted to share a couple reasons of what makes Reach multi-player hard to play for longer periods of time.

  • Integration of slayer PRO into normal team slayer. I really don’t want to play this in a casual playlist. Please move it somewhere else like ARENA or MLG. I don’t like assassination-fests. I’m not a pro I just want to play normal slayer or DRMS slayer.

  • Too many forge world map options. Even though the maps that shipped with Reach aren’t the best, they are better than forgeworld maps. Maybe keep a few like asylum and the cage because people like them, but please move all the other maps to their own playlist. If that happened, wow, I wouldn’t get bored as fast as I do. Honestly I get like 5 forge world games in a row sometimes.

  • Lack of game type variety. I never get to play king of the hill, skull-hunter, stockpile etc. I want to play these fun game types. They were fun in the beta and they are fun now. The playlist rumble pit is crap because all I ever get to play is slayer DMRS pro. I want to play FUN free for all gametypes.

  • Voting. Sometimes I get voting options all on the same forge world map, all slayer or slayer pro in rumble pit. This is disappointing.


  • Forge world maps in separate playlist except a few popular ones.

  • No slayer pro in team slayer

  • More fun gametypes in rumble pit

  • More variety in the voting options. Not slayer on the cage, slayer pro on the cage, and slayer DMRS pro on the cage. Horrible.

These changes for me, would change the game completely. Not even kidding I would play it 5 times as much. What do you guys think?

I think Reach’s multiplayer is just fine. It does need a few small changes, but I think it’s great how it is.

A “few small changes”? “You can’t be serious”.

You can’t take Slayer Pro out of the playlist, it is a competitive playlist after all… Not casual!

I agree in that you can’t take out Slayer Pro.

But, for the love of god, take out AL in all playlists where vehicles AREN’T used. I like AL in playlists like Big Team Battle, or Invasion because it makes sense however, in Team Slayer and Stupid Slayer, AL shouldn’t be used. In close-quarters combat, is it the most unfair Armor Ability. Don’t assume that I’m just complaining because I can’t beat it, I can, it’s just grossly unfair.

Also, why did Pinnacle and Uncaged get taken out of SWAT but not Zealot? And, why is Reflection not showing up as much as the other maps? In fact, I’d say I see Countdown, Boardwalk, Powerhouse, Zealot, Sword Base and Asylum more often than I see Reflection and in that order. Even when I see Reflection, it’s always for SWAT Magnums or SWAT Potato.

343, stop messing with SWAT. It wasn’t broken before you took over, but it’s not as fun anymore. It’s my favorite playlist and it is the ONLY reason I still play Reach. Just put every single map that used to be played in SWAT back, and make sure no one map appears more or less than any other map.

One more thing, I saw a map called Temple while playing SWAT, but it wasn’t selected. I’ve never seen the map before or since, was that just a glitch or is it a real map 343 is trying put into SWAT?

I agree with most of what you said. There should be more variety in the maps that are available to vote (like non-Forge World maps showing up, maybe DLC).

Also, I want evade back as a Spartan AA. There are absolutely no problems with it.

Replace Armour Lock with Evade in the team slayer playlist.

Agreed. Forge maps are bland for the most part, and sadly the color scheme that ruins it for me.

Reach is fairly boring at this point. Just wait until h4.

it’s too late for change, just wait for halo 4.

Why is Infection in Rumble Pit? Seriously.

well why not? infection is an ffa gametype after all

> Replace Armour Lock with Evade in the team slayer playlist.

I agree with you. Armor Lock needs to be taken out and replaced with Evade

> it’s too late for change, just wait for halo 4.


i think a map filter is required so you dont end up playing the same map however many times in a row, as this really annoys me,

if i’ve just played say, Pinnacle, then i dont want to end up playing it again several times in a row, and without having to quit a game, it’s the only to avoid playing it which will end up in a ban for too many quits.

definitely a map filter is required!!

> well why not? infection is an ffa gametype after all

Not really since you can only kill certain people at any given point in the game.

OP, why would MLG want Slayer Pro when it already has it, but better?


Also I think Elite slayer should have its own playlist and taken out of others.

At this point, asking for any sort of change is useless. With Halo 4 on the horizon, you may as well just wait for that.

Send Reach out with a bang and add a few more Ranked playlists

-BTB - Team Objective - doubles - FFA -MLG just to name a few But only at the end of Reach as it will ve dead shortly after Halo 4 drops .

Just change the banshee into something other than the steroid monster it is now and id be happy with everything else i promise.

> Also, I want evade back as a Spartan AA. There are absolutely no problems with it.

Oh come on you can’t be serious. Evade is much worse than armor lock, it is nearly impossible to die with evade and it was heavily abused in playlists like big team battle.