Halo Reach - Multiplayer Forge Maps

After scrolling through on twitter, I saw a tweet that said there was a cut map from halo reach called “Spartan land”. The tweet showed some images of the map layout and a what appears to be stock image of the map. Here is the link for anyone who wants to have a look: https://twitter.com/Gal4xy/status/1573471042193981474?t=WaaP-qCuLl6x8GAyJhSk-Q&s=19

I searched for this map on halopeida and I was surprised to learn that a lot of the maps that was in development for halo reach, was cut and instead made using forge pieces. While this is still pretty neat that they where made and brought into the game, does anyone else feel like these maps are sort of underwhelming astetically in the multiplayer?

I would much prefer the ‘bespoke’ versions of these maps in the multiplayer than the forge ones. I hope now we have the digsite team working on restoring content, we could potentially see the light of these maps again someday, including “Spartan Land”

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