Halo Reach: multiplayer crash in Pillar of autumn

As the title states, there is a consistent crash in the level “pillar of autumn” on halo reach. This crash occurs right around the part of the level when you fight the dropped wraith tank. I was playing with two friends from Europe and we each tried being the host and it still crashed. It did work once i left and they played on their own. Could be a problem with cross country connection or compatibility between Xbox app and steam app. the system stats of all computers involved are below.

My setup:
OS: steam based MCC on a windows 10 64 bit
location: Midwest United states

friend 1:
OS: xbox app based MCC on a windows 10, 64 bit
lacation: eastern europe

friend 2:
OS: xbox app based MCC on a windows 10, 64 bit
location: the united kingdom

Same thing keeps happening with my friends and I too. We’re trying to complete the laso playlist and every single time we reach the scarabs, the game kicks us out. It’s extremely annoying.

Same here, but its always on death…

Same here, but its always on death… but only laso…
wtf 343 fix it

you need to clean all enemys before you get to the tank. otherwise it keeps crashing.

This is still a problem, me and my friend are playing laso and it freezes at the scarabs

As this appears to be an issue with your game, we recommend heading over to https://aka.ms/HaloSupport for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.