Halo Reach Montage

I made a thing :slight_smile: tell me how much you hate it!


  • First thing I see you didn’t use the link feature: Halo Reach Montage - You start the montage off of the Cage outside the map starting slayer. We all play the game no one wants to see this, unless a live stream. - Music is too low or too high you should have adjusted the gain, SFX in game is louder. - This just seems to be a recording of kills you got, off beat makes it unbearable to watch it. This with the bad sound makes me want to close the video. 50 secs in. - You use theater mode for most of the editing, it looks good when done right… you didn’t do it right. - You show a flag carrier kill with a Plasma rifle. . . (I really don’t want to watch anymore, I had to skip to here.) - Changing through too many gametypes, stick to one or two. - You need less songs to be played, no one if watching to hear your mix tape.
    I simply can not rate this. It is one of the worst montages I have ever seen. I am not sure how you got 16 people to like this unless they are your friends on FaceBook and XBL. I am positive not a troll, you wanted constructive criticism you got it. Please stay away from creating a montage it’s not for you.