Halo Reach MCC Insider feedback

i’m not sure where i share the feedback but i assume a good part of a flight is community feedback and some things i may have noticed are precision weapons seem to fire a bit faster and the crouching seems heavy or slow in way compared to Reach on 360, not sure if it’s related to the frame rate increase. But overall it plays fantastic but as far as some things i have came across while playing is also if you skip the post game rank up/exp sequence it has this audio bug that lasts unless you restart the insider build, quite minor but I thought I’d share that. Also in the Breakpoint Invasion mode, if you are on the Spartan team, there are time where it gets rid of a spawn location so you are left to spawning in 1 spot or on a ‘spawn buddy’ which only happens in a few games. It removes the barracks spawn on defense which has sniper, rockets and laser. And you are left spawning in vehicle bay.