Halo Reach matchmaking not working

Hello anyone. I have a problem. Today I just start Halo Reach and go to matchmaking:
Loading information from Halo: Reach servers…
Playlist: Loading…
And this loading is infinite.
My spartan appears in black armor and with recrut rank.
I can’t play any matchmaking modes. Any solutions? Help please.

server is also down for me to

Apparently they are fixing server for issue with backward compatibility to XBox one

Thank you for your report! We’re taking a look at this.

In the meantime, please discuss this in the following support thread: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/386c0102f55b48a3a0cc5412c3714e02/topics/reach-server-status/99d808b3-2b3b-4248-a143-7cd1c764ed5f/posts