Halo Reach Matchmaking- getting booted

I’ve been playing on the Halo Reach Matchmaking for a long time and recently its been messing up. When i start matchmaking and for some reason or another, 2 or 3 maps fail to load in a row. Then it suddenly moves me to a match against NO ONE besides me. The map then loads and when the round starts it immediately says game over. When it does this it counts as me leaving a game. This has happened ALOT of times this week and at least twice now I’ve been put on probation for leaving games. When i start a game i NEVER leave, the only times i leave is when it does what i discribed. Its getting really damn annoying. I have good internet connection and under network status everything is fine. Any ideas why this has been happening lately?

For whatever reason there were connectivity issues between you and the host and since the internet has no Quality of Service you were flagged as quitting since the game can’t tell why the connectivity drop occurred.

This is a big issue with the quit ban and compounded by the horrible host selection in Reach.

If it is possible you could try bridging your modem/router or connecting to your modem, connecting your Xbox to the modem/router or modem and have the Xbox do authentication. This way there is nothing between the Xbox and the web because the firewall/NAT is no longer there.

Only the Xbox will be able to acheve online connectivity when doing the above if your ISP only allows 1 WAN IP (internet IP) since NAT is what enables multiple devices to use the one WAN IP (internet IP).

I very rarely lag out when I search with prefer good connection but when I don’t I get paired up with Asian and European players that give me shocking latency and on occasion I do see people lag out.

The most frustrating occasions are when a Mexican is given host and people start lagging out en masse. I stopped playing the Anniversary BTB playlist for this reason shortly before it was removed. Loosing half of your team because the game elected to give host to a garbage Mexican connection is a joke and I’d get into the match only or it to be redbar and people teleporting around ect.