Halo Reach Massive Server Issues

In the last month Reaches multiplayer experience has gotten very poor. here is a list of the issues:

  • Armor randomly unloads and your colors and rank are replaced with black and recruit, this can happen during a match or in the menu, if it happens during the match you will get almost no credits when the match ends. - When the above happens you cannot view challenges. - Matchmaking failure, the searches will constantly restart, and sometimes abort all together, leaving you in the matchmaking lobby. Sometimes, a match will just begin and you will be in the match alone, but from everyone else’s prospective you left in the voting screen.In the last month I’ve experienced all of these problems every single day in Reach, my other friends that play Reach report the exact same issues as me. I’m positive the armor unloading problem isn’t local to me because you can literally see it happen in matchmaking games to random people, their armor will just unload during the match, leaving them with the default armor scheme and no service tag.

I am asking someone at 343 to please help fix these issues, there are still 3000 players playing reach at the time of posting, it may be one of the most popular legacy halo games.

I have been experiencing these problems too and even seen a few people get tagged with the recruit problem. I really hope we can find a fix since our alternative will be reach on the MCC and we don’t have that yet.

There appears to be some issues with Reach at the moment including matchmaking services and the ability to pull information / stats from your profile. 343 are aware and are currently investigating. As we have multiple topics open for this I’m re-directing to a central topic that can be used to keep track of things: