Halo Reach maps in Halo Infinite Season 1

I think there should be Halo Reach maps in this Halo Reach themed season.

Like if you agree and comment on what maps you think would work well!

I personally would like to see Tempest and maybe Countdown or Anchor 9


None of them.

Infinite is an odd game, it needs odd maps to work well.

Bring back Forge World without Forge & have people spend 20 minutes trying to kill each other from each island. (★‿★)

seriously though I wouldn’t mind having Boardwalk return, that could probably with with Infinite, maybe if it was a little more stretched out.


Yeah, I think boardwalk could work

Reach maps that work with Infinite’s gameplay. Hmm…

Tempest and Highlands for BTB.
Condemned, Boardwalk, and Countdown for Social.

Dev made Uncaged for fun :p.

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I found it! A post not about micro-transactions! Satire aside, I think maps like Spire and Spire and more importantly, SPIRE, could benefit from Infinite’s sandbox.


Guess you’ll be inSPIRED to make it when Forge releases this time next year. Man can’t wait for Forge, so many maps to remake from a game and it’s sequel.


That’s hilarious! I really enjoyed the old Heavies gametype on Spire that is nowhere to be found in MCC.

:joy: Do you actually like Spire?

well we can’t have spire without bringing back Invasion.

Seriously, crazy they never brought it back.

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Yeaa its one of the best maps lol

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I don’t think Reach has particularly strong maps.

Countdown being one of the only good ones.


Spire, Forge World and oh -Yoink!- you’re right i really cant think of any others lmao.

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What maps do you consider to be strong maps?

Countdown is good for sure. I also think Tempest would be a good 4v4 map in any Halo game.

Tempest did cross my mind actually. It’s not bad for Big Team.

I’d say there’s a lot of maps in every Halo. There are a lot of really good smaller maps, but not as many great bigger maps.

Felt like the standard maps for Reach were generally poor or didn’t play in the most enjoyable way. On paper Sword Base looks great and should be fun, but playing it in Onyx Arena was a travesty. Powerhouse I liked the design, but again lot of issues with the actual build and sightlines of the map. Ivory Tower I found appalling again to play at any sort of competitive level.

For context I think CE, 2 and 4 had a few strong maps but H3 and H5 had mostly strong maps. Looking at Halo Infinite I would say the map selection is very good so far. When I say strong I just men’s well designed for all levels of play and multiple game modes.

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I think Anchor 9 and Countdown would work well as symmetric maps. They seem big enough as they are.

Condemned, Boardwalk and Reflection could work as great Zone/Oddball maps too.

I’d imagine porting them in wouldn’t be difficult.

Halo 4 also had some decent maps that would feel right at home here too even as placeholders for the time being, again I can’t imagine a port would be outrageously difficult.

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There was not really any maps in Reach that actually struck me as fun.
Maybe that one on top of the skyscraper at best but otherwise we are going to end up with a bunch of maps that play like “Launch Site”…
AKA: The worst map in Halo History.

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