halo reach map testing!!!!

hey im looking for people to help test my maps, find bugs/glitches, etc… anyone who wants to help, just post your gamertag here. ill try to include everyone at least once and the idea is yeah… um… what i just typed. it would be my maps that are in my file share and gametypes. any glitches or bugs or ideas just send a message on XBL. i will post on here saying when next one is and ill send messages on XBL/game invites.post here - your gamertag and ill send invites. hope loads of people post! p.s, if i run out of maps(not likely lol) ill be more than happy to help test your maps!
oh and i use UK times so any times listed will not be in america(sorry!)

P.S this was originally in general discussion

yeah im in. arem1138

hmmm, guess no one wants to help… ok…

The way map testing usually works is you help someone test their map and then they will help you test yours. Unless you enjoy testing most people would want some return for the tedious work of testing a map. Even going to Forgehub, a dedicated forging website, finding testers is not easy. I think they hold a night each week for testing maps. Check it out.

you post the link to the map ill test it.