Halo Reach Machinima Group

goto http://www.bungie.net/fanclub/blacksheepmachinima/group/grouphome.aspx which means leaving waypoint for a bit :’( but it will be worth it, they need members!

can you not post the same message over and over again in differnt sections please, it’s basicaly spamming. makeing posts like this is okey but try and keep it in one section of the forum

me and my friends ‘‘loled’’ when you posted that, but your comment is better than the reach forum on bungie, thats why i came here

just dont spam topics

> just dont spam topics

was up first time here so hi

I agree with sky mate the forums don’t go that fast yet that your thread’s may last awhile yet.

But enough policing, this looks good, sadly I can’t help due to problems I’m encountering with my network (I’m at my friends house typing this)

For future notice, this would go in the General Discussion forum.