Halo Reach Machinima Body Actors needed!

Hello everybody, I’m RenegadeNitro, and I am making a Halo Reach machinima for youtube.

Here are some rules I’d like to clarify:
-Please be committed and listen to orders.
-If you are in the background, please don’t move or shoot, it will ruin the shot.
-Have a mic, but let me speak for body acting orders.

That is all, my gamertag is Renegade NiTRO. It’s not required, but I’d like to have high level players for specific armor and such, you can still be eligible to body act even if you’re not a high rank. Thanks for viewing this post and please add me and help out.

ill help out im colonel grade 2 (demoted from general) i hav a mic too so i can help u

I’ll help ya man, I’m a Brigadier 3, got most armor permutations and got a mic

i am happy to help i’m a mythic so i got all armour except haunted helmet :frowning: and armour effects i have a mic also.

I might be able to help. I’m an Eclipse with All Helmets (Excluding Haunted), Left Shoulders, Right Shoulders, Chests, Wrists, Visor Colours and Knee guards. I have all but one Utility. I also have Incliment Weather (First armory piece and proud to admit it) and Heart attack.

I’m good at following orders and I’m not annoying. Private message me more details.

If your still looking for body actors i may be able to help i am a general grade 1


i am a colonel and i have a mic