Halo Reach Machima

I put the last one in the wrong game forum, but I made it here eventually.

Hello, I am working on making a halo reach machinima and need (want) for specific characters to have specific armor. I am only corporal grade 1, so there is almost no armor available to me. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to quickly get to a rank at which those armors would be available. Thanks.

Well am a Hero and have almost all the armour, all armour bar two is unlocked about General, then you have to wait for Mythic, then the haunted helmet at Inheritor (max rank). My advice is follow the daily and weekly challenges and complete them either by yourself or with a friend, then focus on getting your commendations up. My favourite is SWAT and Big Team Battle. Why don’t you ask others to help you: with ranking up and/or machinima?

Okay, thanks, I do have a group of friends working on it with me, but we have only ranked up very slowly, as PvP isn’t something we do a lot, as well as focusing on the challenges. How long does it usually take you to complete all the challenges, also, how long did it take you, using this method, to get to hero.

The other thing: Does armor show up over time, because I am only corporal grade 2, and it doesn’t show anywhere near all the armour.