Halo Reach Lore

You guys think the lore in Halo Reach is a little bit off Year wise ? If you look into the Reach events it says “2552” but during the events of Halo 4 in the Year 2557, Cortana mentioned she was put into service 8 years ago when AI’s deteriorate after 7 years, which means she was created in 2549. So would it make sense to put Reach in the 2548-2549 timeline ?

If those things really do contradict each other (I wouldn’t know), the mention of ‘8 years in service’ has to go, not the dates of the Fall of Reach. The date of the Fall of Reach is set in stone, it ties in to EVERYTHING in the Halo universe.

Reach does have some issues with lore. 343i did solve a lot of the inconsistencies though. As for the Cortana thing, the one you see being given to Six is a fragment of Cortana, not her entire self.

In The Fall of Reach, Master Chief partnered up with Cortana (100% of her xD) before the invasion. But not long before, they’re still getting used to each other during Halo: Combat Evolved, remember her quote: “Keep you head down, there’s two of us in here now, remember?”

For Halo: Reach, they basically ignored the Fall of Reach, and invented a new origin story to their partnership, in which she is escorted by Noble Team, and they partner up for the first time on board of the Pillar of Autumn (instead of on Reach).

What I think happened, is that they got significant blowback for this, as people loved The Fall of Reach. Then they stated Noble Team was only escorting a ‘fragment’. But I don’t believe that was their intention when making the game.

Actually OP, Cortana did go into service/was “born” in 2549. Cortana - Character - Halopedia, the Halo wiki
However, she was not paired with the Master Chief until 2552; I’m not entirely sure why this is…but that’s just the way they did things