Halo Reach Legendary Edition Problem

When Reach came out My brother and I both saved up money and we each bought legendary. We both typed in our codes for flaming helmet effect before we played. I didn’t notice until recently that each player on the counsel gets the effect. Is there a way to transfer one of them or did we waste one of the codes? If you know what to do please post, thanks!

Well i dont think you wasted a code, then again i dont really understand what you said. See when you enter a code for a Gamertag/profile you get the item that the code gives. If you enter another code with the same item it will tell you, you have already downloaded this item. So why dont you try one of the codes on the other profile and see if you get it.

When DLC is downloaded there are 2 licenses downloaded with it. One for the account used with it and one for the console it was on. The account then can use the dlc on any console and any one on the console with the license can also use it. But if they go to another console they cant use it (unless it is the account that first downloaded it since it has its own license.)