Halo Reach Last Bonus Event before H4 & after

Halo Reach Last Bonus Event before H4 & Aftermath bonus

Halo Reach, when it first came out had millions playing it and it started off great as we all remember. but now Halo Reach doesn’t have a lot of people playing anymore and there is no reason to because a lot of people felt disappointed by the game or got tired of it because it took too long. On a good day you might get over 100,000 playing. I know myself it takes way to Yoink! long to get to Inheritor. And as everyone says on Halo reach or people that have played Reach will say the same thing, “Rank means nothing in Reach”. So if that’s how they feel then there should be no problems implementing this then for the month of October to November. Well what might be good idea to get a lot of players back for a short period of time would be to give some changes in the Halo Reach currency.

If any of you have played gears of war you might have remembered what gears of war does as a special for every new game that they come out with they come out will specials a month for their old game before the new game comes out. They would increase the amount of points you get so you can rank up quicker. I myself almost got to 100. But what I most definitely remembered was how many people jumped back out to Gears of war 2 when gears of war 3 was about to come out. Almost my entire friend list was everyone playing Gears of war 2.

And after Gears of War 3 came out they left a bonus afterwards too for Gears of war 2. Even though it was a little less than the month before Gears of war 3 bonus it was still a nice increase on experience to rank up so if I got bored of GoW3 I can jump back on to GoW2 and I still feel like as if I’m ranking up quicker then I use to which made it all the more fun to come back to sometimes. I know Gears of War 2’s event was a little bit different but look at the positive comments and how many people where getting back on Gears of War 2.

So I believe for the month of October to November we should have a 5x to 10x event where it slowly increase and the mount of cR that you get per match is increased by x5 to x10 the amount of credits you would get. I get an average of 4000 cR per match since I’m a Nova. That means I have to play 50 matches per day to hit the credit cap which takes a long time. That means I would get at most, with the increase bonus x5, 20,000 cR which would be 10 matches. Well now to counter the credit cap it should be increased to 1,000,000. Now remember some though a lot of people don’t even get as much as me. The amount of credits you get is based off your rank and the lower you are the less you get.

It takes 20,000,000 to reach inheritor so ya I would you play 50 games every day for 20 days for the bonus even. I know that a lot of people don’t play to the credit cap because they are busy so I know it’s not like you will get their quickly. I get off at about 20,000 to 50,000 cR I have achieved for the day before I get off now. 20 days is still a long time. So I find this just. And it will bring a lot of people back for the event. Also 343 can change some of this like saying some playlist get a little less like grifball, like x3 or x5, since people might boost it. And Whatever 343 feels is a good amount.

And lastly, after Halo 4 comes out Halo Reach, I think, should credit cap and the amount of cR you achieve should be bumped down to x2 to x3 permanently. This way you can still get a lot of cR if you don’t plan on moving on to halo 4 or you wish to come back to Halo Reach.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear your positive input of this. I know it’s a lot and I appreciate you for reading all of this. And if you like see if I can put up a petition maybe or just use this thread to get 343 to do a last bonus for halo reach before halo 4.

anyone have any positive input or are we will in agreement?

To be honest I don’t know why people would want to level up to inheritor? waste their time playing a game that is dead already and will be worse off in october just to gt a stupid skull helmet?

i will be too busy on halo 4 or black ops to care about the failure that is reach

The problem with giving a multiplier to the normal cR amount is the Credit Cap. They would have to remove the 200k cR cap. Otherwise you run into the same problem.

Honestly, with Custom Challenges ranking up is pretty easy. Yeah it’s a bit of a grind at Forerunner/Reclaimer to Inheritor, but it can be done in less games than the 2,500EXP it took to get from General Gr3 to 5 Star General in H3…

The OP solved this by suggesting they increase the cap to 1,000,000 credits

Overall I feel this would improve on the multiplayer matchmaking as it would bring back players that had a problem with the august update and get players back into a Halo spirit before halo 4, thereby helping 343i out on both games

Thank you FusingTortoise for reading all the way through. I appreciate that. Ya I think it would give a little more spirit back into the game because when I was playing GOW2 before GOW3 release, the overall sound of people all excited for GOW3 were just playing the hell of GOW2. I remember release night I could hear people sounding so excited getting off GOW2 to go to the GOW3 launch and I felt like GOW2, this game that felt dead for almost a year, just came back to life for a short bit.

Halo Tu I really think you are misunderstanding, if some people want to grind the last month to get the rank then they should otherwise it will still get a lot of people back online. And how will you be too busy on Halo 4 in October when it comes out in November? Are you telling me you have a stolen copy? Best not mention that on the forums. Anyways some people aren’t getting halo 4 as I was saying so when halo 4 comes out to keep halo reach somewhat alive still after its release there will still be a bonus and make halo reach a little less grindy.

And lastly, poppin curbs you have to read my entire post not just part. I said raise the cap to 1 million and then after halo 4 comes out remove the cap limit all together. Custom Challenges are easy to make but that doesn’t give enough incentive as it still takes WAY TOOO LONGGG even with CC. And that still makes halo reach boring because you have to get on a pc, login, set it up, then start, then start matches, get to you limit, finish the last match, go back on your pc, turn in the challenge, rinse lather repeat. That gets so stressful after a while. Giving a little bit of a bonus event because we all know afterwards halo reach won’t even have that many people playing is something they need to consider. Give halo reach one last good run for a bit. Because we all know halo reach will have pre-set challenges for the 4 daily and 1 weekly challenges that will repeat every year so they don’t have to do it every day. And the weekend bonus super jackpots we all know are going to end too. So I think we should give a bonus out for one last good month of halo reach before it becomes dead in the water pretty much don’t you say?

Honestly the only thing that gets me on Reach anymore is a girl named Kimmy who likes to play swat. Other than that I don’t play it anymore. I mean I love Halo but Bungie really screwed the pooch with Reach. I’d play Halo 3 but barely anyone went back. Not enough people, when I see people over and over again it gets repetetive and boring. Hoping Halo 4 improves Reach’s many flaws.
Credits towards a rank I never cared about are not the way to get me back. The ranking is one of the issues though. I’m not overly competetive but I’d like to feel like the time I sat here playing get me some recognition and that I actually earned it instead of grinding out credits. I ranked up twice playing firefight when I stopped playing regular MM because of armor lock and swat campers. I recently hit legend and I can’t even tell you remotely when that happened because I didn’t care. I just know after it happened I spent the next week playing minecraft. I made an underground bachelor pad with recessed lighting a lava fall and black and red detailing. And a giant tree house.

Good idea!

You’re right.

Rank doesn’t mean that much in Reach, since you get credits for completion and just sitting there. In Halo 3, you only got exp for winning and playing well. I thought that that was the perfect system, except for the fact that it could be manipulated easily, as it was, sadly.

> The OP solved this by suggesting they increase the cap to 1,000,000 credits
> Overall I feel this would improve on the multiplayer matchmaking as it would bring back players that had a problem with the august update and get players back into a Halo spirit before halo 4, thereby helping 343i out on both games

Sorry that won’t fix the problem, most people that are leaving are due to lack of dlc that bother to show up, nothing to do with credit cap but I do agree the credit cap should be increase.

I also believe the custom challenges should pay out since only 1000-2000 credits for about 100 medals/kills for a 1 firefight match seems a bit crap.

They should have had better banhammer and got rid of the CR cap.

> You’re right.
> Rank doesn’t mean that much in Reach, since you get credits for completion and just sitting there. In Halo 3, you only got exp for winning and playing well. I thought that that was the perfect system, except for the fact that it could be manipulated easily, as it was, sadly.

Also people selling 50 accounts which I bet Mircosoft did not like.

P0ptartGeneral, that’s why I like the Medal of Honor 2012 system. Because it had no rank cap. The rank was based on how good you were so you only played with people that were as good as you were. You went up and down every match depending on how well you did so you played with people your rank. And rank wasn’t about looks. It works perfectly. The only thing anyone argues about Medal of Honors rank being implemented is those people that want ranks to have a limit because they want stupid rewards to boost for but they won’t admit it. If there was no bonus, no armor, no specialty for getting up ranks no achievements. It would be solely because you want it therefore people would earn their ranks. The people that want caps I know they are the ones that want to boost their ranks and sell the accounts after but they deny it but I know its true. Seriously ever competitive game should do that system it really solves every issue must multiplayer games have including halo. No bonuses for going up that promotes boosting for those that can’t get up there. Instead you get up because you want to. That’s what made halo 2 so competitive because you got nothing for going up ranks. So people that earn higher ranks really are good at the game and you don’t get lined up with them.

ronnie42, people are leaving now because of the DLC but not in big numbers because halo reach’s numbers now are already in the 10,000s. before the numbers died quickly and they were in the millions to 100,000s ya it sucks but unfortunately there is not much they can do now since im taking it that that will be the last of halo reach updates to the playlist. Back then the things that made people leave the most was cR cap and banhammers. It was too much. It gave people the impression that the devs didn’t want us playing their game and were just setting us up to get banned. So that way you paid $60 to get constantly cR banned for hitting the limit which was 60,000 back then which was easy to hit and people were think “I just want to get this over with and get the skull helmet” so they tried boosting because reach was getting pointless to them. If you gave them a reason to comeback with a big bonus you can see a lot higher numbers. Maybe even get 500,000 maybe. And custom challenges really do need a boost and all challenges in general the commendations also need to give more too but those 2 I don’t think will change.

Rampant Monitor, idk where you stand on banhammer but if you mean less banning wrong people by mistake and focused more on hackers and heavy boosters and not just small time boosters then yes I agree. Because when people hit the credit cap they stopped playing Reach. I agree cuz think of it. You hityou credit cap, why play anymore? All those credits you would have gotten you wont get. If you got a challenge done or a commendation done you wont get those thousands of credits so might aswell wait tmrw to play so you get the credits so you can get up the rank.

E ROD 24 ya halo 3 reach did get destroyed. Whenever I get on its either really really good players that boost or really really bad players that bought their 50s

Raging Striker, I hate grinding too it also causes people to get tired quicker of a game if you have to grind. I hated x on x challenges and achievements in games and set map or game type achievements or anything based on complete luck that you have to boost. I don’t see armor lock used that much or swat campers that much and I play swat a lot as im trying to get my one shot, side arm and crack shot commendations done with. I just got nova and im trying to get to inheritor but its so much easier just to boost in grifball and just play 8 players and never score. The amount of credits I get should be almost the amount of credits I should get in a game. I do the daily challenges, weekly challenges, commendations and custom challenges but its still not enough credits. I know that if I played none stop and hit the credit cap every day I can get it in 45 days but I just don’t have the time to play that long either. And I cant get 8 players at the same time every day to get on and do it til we get to the cap.

A Virtual Duck, thank you for agreeing with me. I bet you also played GoW2 on the month before GoW3 and saw how the gears of war spirit shot up like crazy while playing. I had a hard time finding matches before because there weren’t that many people playing and the only ones that were play were the ones that were way too good at the game it wasn’t even fair. But then I could find matches like crazy on the last month and some people were just as bad as me which made it a fair fight. Also halo 2’s last day had a lot of people playing for its last day too if you guys need another event to look a lot prove it will bring a lot of people back. Think about it people. Do you really think is 343 said “we are bringing back the DLC map playlists” that a lot of people will come back? Lol no. you think if 343 said “for the last month of reach before halo 4 we are going to increase the credit cap to 1 million, x5 to x10 the amount of credits and afterwards remove credit cap permanently and bump down to x3 the amount of credits you would get afterwards” I would place my money on #2 as being more effective.